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GCP is a unit of Genting Malaysia Berhad and is implementing eSourcing as part of its procurement services to the Group.

Requests for Quotation/Proposal/Information will be conducted online. Only online registered suppliers will be invited to undergo the selection process.

Upon registration, your business information will be made available to GCP and its buyers to understand the nature and scope of the goods/services you can offer. Such information will be used to evaluate the suitability of your company and you will be contacted when a sourcing opportunity arises that matches your company’s capabilities.

With effective 1st January 2019, Genting Malaysia Berhad will be implementing Vendor Management Performance Scorecard (VMPS). For more details, please click here.  new arrow


Contact Us at

Tel     +(60) 3 2333 3000

Registration Steps:

Before you register online to be considered as a supplier of GCP, please read and understand the following steps
Step 1
Terms & Conditions of Supplier Registration

(please print for Manual Acceptance)

Step 3
Bidder Agreement

(please print for Manual Acceptance)

Step 5
Online Supplier Registration Checklist – please ensure readiness

of all the required documents / information before online registration.

Important Note

Supplier Code of Conduct

Genting Malaysia Berhad (GENM) is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct, social and environmental responsibility. GENM requires its suppliers to operate in accordance with the principles in this Supplier Code of Conduct (“Code”) and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

This Code outlines GENM’s expectations for its suppliers conduct referencing to labour and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, ethics and management practices. This Code applies to the supplier and their employees, contractors, agents and related entities (collectively, the “Supplier”) providing goods and/or services to GENM.

1. Ethic

The Supplier shall always be ethical in every aspects of its business.

1.1 Business Integrity
The Supplier shall not engage in any and all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement. All business dealings should be transparently performed and reflected in the Supplier’s books and records.
1.2 Disclosure of Information
The Supplier shall disclose information regarding its business activities, structure, financial situation and performance in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices. Falsification of records or misrepresentations of conditions or practices in the supply chain are unacceptable.
1.3 Intellectual Property
The Supplier shall respect intellectual property rights and manage technology and knowhow in a manner that protects intellectual property rights.
1.4 No Improper Advantage
The Supplier shall not offer or accept bribes or other means of undue or improper advantage. The Supplier shall observe local custom with respect to gifts, although the value of such offers should never be considered material enough to influence business decisions or to violate applicable regulations.
1.5 Community Engagement
The Supplier is encouraged to help foster social and economic development and contribute to the sustainability of the communities in which it operates.
1.6 Food Safety
The Supplier shall provide GENM with high quality products, ingredients and services that meet all applicable quality and food safety laws, standards and regulations. The Supplier must demonstrate that they have strong food-safety and quality management practices. The Supplier must immediately report to GENM any concerns about food safety.

2. Labour and Human Rights

The Supplier shall uphold the human rights of its workers and treat them with utmost dignity and respect. GENM adopts a zero tolerance towards human trafficking, slavery or child labour. This applies to all the Supplier’s workers (including but not limited to employees, and temporary, migrant, student and contract workers). Specifically, the Supplier agrees:-

(i) will not employ any worker younger than the local legal minimum age for employment or the age for completing compulsory education (and will in no event employ anyone under fifteen (15) years of age, even if legal to do so), provided that if any person younger than eighteen (18) years of age is employed in the manufacturing, production, packaging or distribution of any product, Supplier shall, and shall cause any manufacturer or other owner of any facility/factory used to produce the product or any component thereof to, comply with any Laws and Standards applicable to such person;
(ii) will only employ persons whose presence is voluntary (i.e., no forced or involuntary labour, whether prison, bonded, indentured or otherwise, will be used, and no passport, driver’s license, identity card or other document without which a worker may not be legally free or able to leave the premises, will be confiscated or otherwise physically held by Supplier or any manufacturer; all workers must at all times be legally free and able to leave the premises of such factory/facility);
(iii) will treat each worker with dignity and respect and will not use threats of violence or corporal punishment (or other forms of physical, mental, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse), nor will any of the foregoing be condoned or permitted by any agent, contractor, employee or worker of Supplier or any manufacturer against any other agent, contractor, employee or worker of Supplier or any manufacturer;
(iv) will not discriminate or provide special treatment in hiring and employment practices, including salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination, or retirement, on grounds of race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, political opinion, sexual preference, disability or gender;
(v) shall comply with laws and regulations governing minimum wages, maximum hours of work, piece rates and other elements of compensation, and overtime pay, shall provide legally mandated benefits, shall pay all compensation on time and, in any event, no more than one payroll cycle in arrears, and shall not deduct any amount from any worker’s compensation except as statutorily provided (if local laws do not provide for overtime pay, Supplier or any manufacturer shall pay at least regular wages for overtime work; in addition, except with GENM’s prior written consent, (a) Supplier or any manufacturer will not require workers to work more than the lesser of (1) 48 hours per week and 12 hours overtime or (2) the limits on regular and overtime hours allowed by local law, or, where local law does not limit the hours of work, the regular work week in such country plus 12 hours overtime, (b) workers will be entitled to at least one day off in every seven-day period, and (c) where local industry standards are higher than applicable legal requirements, Supplier will meet the higher standards);
(vi) shall not require any worker to pay or reimburse Supplier or any manufacturer for any recruitment fees, and shall not deduct any recruitment fees from any worker’s compensation, except as statutorily provided.

3. Health and Safety

The Supplier shall uphold a safe and healthy work environment. The Supplier shall comply with all laws, regulations and rules governing employee occupational health and safety in the jurisdiction where they operate.

3.1 Occupational Health, Safety and Hazard Prevention
The Supplier shall identify, evaluate and manage occupational health and safety hazards through a prioritized process of hazard elimination, engineering controls and/or administrative controls. The Supplier shall provide workers with job-related, appropriately maintained personal protective equipment and instructions on its proper use.
3.2 Emergency preparedness
The Supplier shall ensure that potential emergency situations and events are to be identified and assessed, and their impact minimized by implementing emergency plans and response procedures, including emergency reporting, employee notification and evacuation procedures, worker training and drills, appropriate fire detection and suppression equipment, adequate exit facilities and recovery plans.
3.3 Physically Demanding Work
The Supplier shall ensure that worker exposure to the hazard of physically demanding tasks, including manual material handling and heavy or repetitive lifting, prolonged standing and highly repetitive or forceful assembly tasks is to be identified, evaluated and controlled.
3.4 Working and Living Conditions
The Supplier shall provide workers with reasonably accessible and clean toilet facilities, portable water and sanitary food preparation, storage facilities and eating facilities. The Supplier shall ensure that all workers have clean and safe dormitories with reasonable living space.
3.5 Industrial Hygiene
The Supplier shall ensure that workers’ exposure to chemical, biological and physical agents is to be identified, evaluated and controlled. Engineering or administrative controls must be used to control overexposures. When hazards cannot be adequately controlled by such means, worker health is to be protected by appropriate personal protective equipment.

4. Environment

The Supplier should adhere to environmental laws and practices including but not limited to waste disposal, pollution of all kinds, air emissions etc. The Supplier shall at all times be committed to be environmental friendly in their business practices.

4.1 Environmental Permits and Reporting
The Supplier shall comply with the reporting requirements of applicable permits and regulations. All required environmental permits and current records shall be obtained, and kept in proper records.
4.2 Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction
The Supplier shall ensure to conduct their operations in a way that reduces their impact on the environment, particularly in the areas of water use, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and water disposal. Waste of all types including energy and water, raw and processed materials are to be reduced or eliminated at the source or by practices such as modifying production, maintenance and facility processes, conservation, material substitution, recycling materials.
4.3 Product Content Restrictions
The Supplier shall adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and customer requirements regarding prohibition or restriction of specific substances including labelling for recycling and disposal.
4.4 Air Emissions
The Supplier shall ensure air emissions of volatile organic chemicals, corrosives, aerosols, particulates, ozone depleting chemicals and combustion by-products generated from operations are to be characterized, monitored, controlled and treated as required prior to discharge according to all applicable laws and regulations.
4.5 Wastewater and Solid Management
The Supplier shall ensure that wastewater and solid waste generated from operations, industrial processes and sanitation facilities are to be characterized, monitored, controlled and treated as required prior to discharge or disposal according to all applicable laws and regulations.
Important Note

Personal Data Processing Statement

(Group Centralised Procurement)

This Personal Data Processing Statement (“PDPS”) is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (the “Act”). This PDPS sets out the policies and procedures of the Group with regard to your personal data and your agreement to the usage and processing of your personal data for purposes set out below.

1. Definition

1.1 “Group” means Genting Malaysia Berhad and/or its holding company, subsidiaries, related and associated companies and companies using or may be using the brands of “Genting” and/or “Resorts World”, regardless whether such company(ies) are incorporated in or outside Malaysia.
1.2 “Personal Data” means your name, age, gender, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number, photograph, opinions, comments and such other personal information or your views/opinions that are, have been and may be collected, compiled, processed and maintained with the Group from time to time.

2. Provision of Personal Data

2.1 The Group will obtain your Personal Data when you provide your Personal Data to the Group in any way or manner, including pursuant to any transactions, agreements and/or inquiries made with the Group. The Group will also receive and store your Personal Data when you enter the Group’s websites.

3. Purposes of Processing

3.1 The Group may use your Personal Data for the following purposes, namely:-
a) To process your and/or your principal’s/employer’s application for registration as the Group’s supplier;
b) To communicate with you vide SMS, phone call, email, fax, mail and/or any other appropriate communication channels;
c) To respond to questions and comments from you;
d) To process and analyse your Personal Data either individually or collectively with other individuals;
e) Any purposes in connection with the transactions and/or agreements entered into or to be entered into by you and/or your principal/employer with the Group;
f) Other purposes which the Group may reasonably deem fit; and
g) For the Group to discharge obligations required under the law.
3.2 Other than Section 3.1(g), provision of your Personal Data for the purposes listed in Section 3.1 above is voluntary and optional. However, failure to provide the requested Personal Data or any limitation against the Group to process your Personal Data may result in the Group being unable (a) to process the relevant application; and/or (b) to enter into or to continue a business relationship with you and/or your principal/employer.
3.3 Your Personal Data may be transferred to, stored in, and processed in a jurisdiction other than Malaysia. You understand and consent that your Personal Data may be transferred outside of Malaysia to those third parties with whom the Group share it as described in this PDPS.

4. Disclosure to Third Parties

4.1 For purposes as described herein, the Group may share with and/or transfer your Personal Data to:-
a) the other entities within the Group;
b) the Group’s third party service providers;
c) any person under a duty of confidentiality to the Group;
d) any actual or proposed assignee, transferee, participant or sub participant of the Group’s rights or business; and
e) your immediate family members and/or emergency contact person as may be notified to the Group from time to time.
4.2 The Group may also share your Personal Data where required by law or where disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable laws, legal processes or queries from the relevant authorities.

5. Rights to Limit Processing

5.1 If you wish to change the manner in which the Group is permitted to process  your Personal Data as described under Section 3 above, you may submit a request in writing to the address stated in Section 7 below.
5.2 When you visit the Group’s websites, there is automatic collection of some information about your computer such as IP address, web browser software, and referring website. Such information is only used for the purpose of creating a better user experience and to identify areas for improvement on the Group’s websites.
5.3 As a visitor to the Group’s websites, you may also be assigned a permanent cookie file on your computer’s hard drive. You may always choose not to receive a cookie file by enabling your web browser to refuse cookies or prompt before accepting a cookie. By refusing to accept a cookie, you may not be able to access certain services and tools offered on the website.

6. Access and Correction of Personal Data

6.1 You may, request to access to and/or to make any correction to your Personal Data by submitting a request in writing to the Group to the address stated in Section 7 below.
6.2 In respect of your right to access and/or correct your Personal Data, the Group has the right to:-
a) refuse your request to access and/or make any correction to your Personal Data in the manner provided in the Act, such as where expense of providing access to you is disproportionate to the risks to your privacy, or where the rights of others may also be violated, amongst other reasons; and
b) refuse your request to access and/or make any correction to your Personal Data as permitted under the Act, including where your Personal Data is being processed by the Group in order to discharge regulatory functions and providing you access and/or the right to make any correction to your Personal Data is likely to prejudice proper discharge of those functions by the Group.
6.3 Notwithstanding that access is granted to you or any correction / updating of your Personal Data is performed, this PDPS shall remain valid and effective at all times.

7. Enquiries and Contact

You may request for access and/or request for correction of your Personal Data or make any inquiries or complaints in relation to the processing of your Personal Data by contacting the following personnel for further assistance:-

AVP – Group Centralised Procurement
Genting Malaysia Berhad
4th Floor, Wisma Genting
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
No. Tel: 03 – 2333 3000

Notes :

(1)       The Group reserves the right to revise this PDPS from time to time due to changes in applicable laws and regulations and you shall be deemed to have agreed to such revision(s) if you continue your relationship with the Group without any objection.
(2)       In case of discrepancies between the English version and other versions of this PDPS, the English version shall apply and prevail.

Bahasa Malaysia

Penyata Pemprosesan Data Peribadi

(Group Centralised Procurement)

Penyata Pemprosesan Data Peribadi (“PPDP”) ini disediakan mengikut peruntukan yang termaktub dalam Akta Perlindungan Data Peribadi 2010 (“Akta”). PPDP menetapkan polisi dan prosedur Kumpulan berkenaan dengan data peribadi anda dan persetujuan anda dalam penggunaan dan pemprosesan data peribadi anda untuk tujuan-tujuan yang ditetapkan di bawah.

1. Definisi

1.1 “Kumpulan” ertinya Genting Malaysia Berhad dan/atau syarikat induk, anak-anak syarikat, syarikat-syarikat yang berkaitan dan bersekutunya, dan syarikat-syarikat yang mengguna atau mungkin mengguna jenama “Genting” dan/atau “Resorts World”, tidak kira sama ada syarikat (atau syarikat-syarikat) itu diperbadankan di dalam atau luar Malaysia.
1.2 “Data Peribadi” ertinya nama, umur, jantina, tarikh lahir, alamat, alamat e-mel, nombor telefon, foto, pendapat, komen dan apa-apa maklumat perbadi atau pandangan/pendapat anda yang telah dan mungkin dikumpul, disusun, diproses dan dikekalkan dengan Kumpulan dari semasa ke semasa.

2. Pemberian Data Peribadi

2.1 Kumpulan akan memperolehi Data Peribadi anda apabila anda memberi Data Peribadi anda kepada Kumpulan dalam apa-apa cara atau bentuk termasuk yang berhubungan dengan apa-apa transaksi, perjanjian dan/atau pertanyaan yang dibuat dengan Kumpulan. Kumpulan juga akan menerima dan menyimpan Data Peribadi anda apabila anda memasuki laman web Kumpulan.

3. Tujuan Pemprosesan

3.1 Kumpulan mungkin mengguna Data Peribadi anda untuk tujuan-tujuan berikut, iaitu:-
a) Untuk memproses permohonan anda dan/atau prinsipal/majikan anda untuk perndaftaran sebagai pembekal kepada Kumpulan;
b) Untuk berkomunikasi dengan anda melalui SMS, panggilan telefon, emel, faks, surat dan/atau lain-lain saluran komunikasi yang bersesuaian;
c) Untuk memberi respons pada soalan-soalan dan komen-komen anda;
d) Untuk memproses dan menganalisis Data Peribadi anda secara individu atau kolektif dengan individu-individu yang lain;
e) Sebarang tujuan berkenaan transaksi dan/atau perjanjian yang dimasuki atau akan dimasuki oleh anda dan/atau prinsipal/majikan anda dengan Kumpulan;
f) Bagi tujuan-tujuan lain yang difikirkan patut oleh Kumpulan; dan
g) Bagi tujuan Kumpulan menunaikan obligasi yang dikehendaki di bawah undang-undang.
3.2 Selain dari Seksyen 3.1(g), pemberian Data Peribadi anda untuk tujuan-tujuan yang disenaraikan dalam Seksyen 3.1 di atas adalah secara sukarela dan tanpa paksaan. Walau bagaimanapun, kegagalan memberi Data Peribadi yang diminta atau apa-apa yang mengehadkan Kumpulan untuk memproses Data Peribadi itu boleh mengakibatkan Kumpulan tidak dapat (a) memproses permohonan berkenaan; dan/atau (b) memasuki atau meneruskan hubungan perniagaan dengan anda dan/atau prinsipal/majikan anda.
3.3 Data Peribadi anda boleh dipindahkan, disimpan, dan diproses dalam bidang kuasa lain selain Malaysia. Anda memahami dan bersetuju bahawa Data Peribadi anda mungkin dipindahkan kepada pihak ketiga di luar Malaysia di mana Kumpulan mempunyai kepentingannya seperti yang dinyatakan dalam PPDP ini.

4. Pendedahan kepada Pihak Ketiga

4.1 Bagi tujuan-tujuan yang dinyatakan di sini, Kumpulan mungkin berkongsi dengan dan/atau memindahkan Data Peribadi anda kepada:-
a) entiti-entiti yang lain di dalam Kumpulan;
b) pembekal-pembekal perkhidmatan pihak ketiga Kumpulan;
c) mana-mana orang di bawah kewajipan sulit kepada Kumpulan;
d) mana-mana penerima serah hak, penerima hakmilik, peserta atau sub-peserta kepada hak atau perniagaan Kumpulan yang sah atau disarankan; dan
e) ahli-ahli keluarga terdekat anda dan/atau orang yang dihubungi ketika kecemasan sebagaimana yang dimaklumkan kepada Kumpulan dari semasa ke semasa.
4.2 Kumpulan juga mungkin berkongsi Data Peribadi anda seperti yang diwajibkan oleh undangundang atau jika pendedahan adalah perlu untuk mematuhi undang-undang, proses undangundang atau pertanyaan daripada pihak berkuasa yang berkaitan.

5. Kuasa untuk Mengehadkan Pemprosesan

5.1 Sekiranya anda ingin mengubah cara di mana Kumpulan dibenarkan untuk memproses Data Peribadi anda seperti yang diterangkan di bawah Seksyen 3 di atas, anda boleh mengemukakan permintaan anda secara bertulis kepada alamat seperti yang dinyatakan dalam Seksyen 7 di bawah.
5.2 Apabila anda melawat laman web Kumpulan, beberapa maklumat mengenai komputer anda seperti alamat IP, perisian pelayar web, dan laman-laman web yang dirujuki akan dikumpulkan secara automatik. Maklumat itu hanya digunakan untuk mewujudkan pengalaman pengguna yang lebih baik dan untuk mengenal pasti bahagian yang perlu ditambahbaik dalam laman web Kumpulan.
5.3 Sebagai pelawat ke laman web Kumpulan, anda mungkin diperuntukan satu fail cookie kekal pada pemacu cakera keras komputer anda. Anda berhak memilih untuk tidak menerima fail cookie dengan membolehkan pelayar web anda untuk menolak cookie atau memberi isyarat sebelum menerima cookie. Dengan tidak menerima cookie, anda mungkin tidak dapat mengakses perkhidmatan dan peralatan tertentu yang ditawarkan di laman web.

6. Akses dan Pembetulan Data Peribadi

6.1 Anda boleh memohon mengakses kepada dan/atau membuat sebarang pembetulan ke atas Data Peribadi anda dengan mengemukakan permohonan secara bertulis kepada Kumpulan di alamat yang tercatat dalam Seksyen 7 di bawah.
6.2 Berkenaan hak anda untuk mengakses dan/atau membetulkan Data peribadi, Kumpulan mempunyai hak untuk:–
a) menolak permintaan anda untuk mengakses dan/atau membuat sebarang pembetulan terhadap Data Peribadi anda mengikut cara yang diperuntukkan dalam Akta, seperti perbelanjaan untuk memberikan akses kepada anda tidak setimpal dengan risiko kepada privasi anda, atau hak pihak lain tergugat, antara sebab lain; dan
b) menolak permintaan anda untuk mengakses dan/atau membuat sebarang pembetulan terhadap Data Peribadi anda seperti yang dibenarkan di bawah Akta, termasuk di mana Data Peribadi anda diproses oleh Kumpulan untuk melaksanakan fungsi pengawalseliaan dan menyediakan akses kepada anda dan/atau hak untuk membuat sebarang pembetulan terhadap Data Peribadi anda mungkin memprejudiskan pelaksanaan fungsi-fungsi tersebut oleh Kumpulan.
6.3 Walaupun akses diberikan kepada anda atau sebarang pembetulan/pengemaskinian yang dilakukan terhadap Data Peribadi anda, PPDP ini hendaklah terus menjadi sah dan berkesan pada setiap masa.

7. Pertanyaan dan Cara Hubung

Anda boleh meminta akses dan/atau meminta untuk membuat pembetulan terhadap Data Peribadi anda atau membuat sebarang pertanyaan atau aduan berkaitan dengan pemprosesan Data Peribadi anda dengan menghubungi kakitangan berikut untuk bantuan lanjut:-

Naib Presiden – Group Centralised Procurement
Genting Malaysia Berhad
4th Floor, Wisma Genting
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
No. Tel: 03 – 2333 3000

Nota :

(1)       Kumpulan berhak untuk menyemak semula PPDP ini dari semasa ke semasa atas sebab perubahan dalam undang-undang dan peraturan yang berkaitan dan anda dianggap telah bersetuju terhadap penyemakan itu sekiranya anda masih mengekalkan perhubungan dengan Kumpulan tanpa sebarang bantahan.
(2)       Sekiranya berlaku percanggahan antara versi Bahasa Inggeris dan versi lain untuk PPDP, maka versi Bahasa Inggeris akan dirujuk dan diguna pakai.

Registered Office
24th Floor, Wisma Genting,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
+(60) 3 2178 2288   |   +(60) 3 2333 2288
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