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Dear Stakeholders,

Let me begin by expressing my sincere gratitude to all stakeholders for their patronage and support. I would also like to thank those who have previously been unable to connect with Genting Malaysia for taking the time to open this Report.

Genting Malaysia has become one of the most recognised global companies — known for being creative and innovative in delivering memorable entertainment experiences. As an integrated leisure and hospitality organisation, we create unique experiences for millions of visitors across all our resorts. Largely, this is down to the commitment and passion of our teams and the strength of our distinctive and innovative offerings.

Genting Malaysia is synonymous with responsible entertainment, respectful workplaces, meaningful community investments and sound environmental stewardship. Our values can positively affect the bottom line and we are proud of our hard-earned reputation. We are respected for what we create, how we perform and the integrity that is integrated into all our business dealings.

Governance and Transparency

Genting Malaysia adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance. Business operations are conducted with integrity, transparency and accountability to increase shareholder value and achieve sustainable business growth.

We communicate with our stakeholders in various ways including this annual sustainability report. As a large conglomerate, deciding on areas for reporting can be a daunting task. In 2019, we commissioned our largest ever materiality study to help us prioritise areas of sustainability for inclusion in this report. The opinions of 1,780 stakeholders were sought so that the relevant importance of a wide range of topics could be measured accurately. The findings were also a useful input into our sustainability strategy as they allow us to objectively allocate resources in areas that matter most to both Genting Malaysia and its stakeholders.

Economic Sustainability

The Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (“GITP”) is a trendsetter and marks a new tourism era in Malaysia. Tourism has become a key pillar that catalyses our country’s development and drives economic growth. I am confident that our transformation will continue to boost Malaysia’s economy, providing income and job opportunities to the masses.

Genting Malaysia will also focus on its strategy of increasing its market share in the mass market segment to strengthen its position in the overseas operations.

Environmental Sustainability

Genting Malaysia has made environmental protection and preservation an integral part of its corporate philosophy and business policy since its incorporation. Maintaining a responsible environmental approach is our top priority, particularly in conserving natural resources, waste management and the preservation of flora and fauna.

Managing water resources and effluents responsibly is undoubtedly more critical to Genting Malaysia than most other Malaysian companies. As our hill station is not served by municipal water or national sewerage companies, it is vital that we manage our own water treatment and sewage treatment plants with minimal effect on the environment.

We ensure that our wastewater effluent remains of the highest quality as it is discharged upstream of other raw water intakes. I am proud that our effluent readings were a fraction of the limit stipulated by the authorities. It is imperative that our engineering team maintains these exemplary standards.

The Genting Green Generation (”G3”) Volunteer Programme continues to champion environmental causes within the resort. The team tirelessly raises environmental awareness among employees and guests while inspiring them to commit to environmental protection and conservation.

Social Sustainability

As I look back, I am proud to report that 2019 was a landmark year with respect to our social impact. We continued to engage with the community in productive and innovative ways. Genting Malaysia’s charitable donations, community programmes, sport development and other philanthropy continued to connect local communities.

Genting Malaysia’s philanthropic contributions are just one of the ways we support various community development activities such as providing infrastructure support to local communities, the underprivileged, disability groups and NGOs. Contributions were made through several channels throughout the year. In 2019, the total contributions for community care and other philanthropic initiatives amounted to almost RM6 million.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce and we continued to champion the best HR practices to provide a safe and conducive working environment. All employees are responsible for keeping our 8 Promises to deliver an extraordinary experience to our guests and customers.


Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we will focus on long-term goals in an era of rapid evolution and relentless change by building on established businesses in which we lead the market. Excitingly, we will also pursue growth opportunities in an innovative and disciplined manner while nurturing community connections that are vital to our business success.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all stakeholders including regulators, guests, visitors, patrons, customers, business associates, supply chain partners, community members and the media for their trust and constructive cooperation. I would also like to acknowledge the hard work of all employees that ensured we met our objectives. I am confident that we will be able to ensure the same dynamic development in many years to come while being guided by the principles of hard work, honesty, harmony, loyalty and compassion. Together, we can deliver an exceptional experience and unlock a world of opportunities for all stakeholders.

Dato’ Sri Lee Choong Yan
Chairman of Sustainability Steering Committee and
President & Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director


As a global leader in the Leisure and Hospitality industry, we aim to provide world-class services and entertainment in a safe, responsible and sustainable environment.

Our mission as a responsible corporate citizen is to ensure high standards of governance across our entire operation to promote responsible business practices, manage environmental impacts and meet the social needs of the community and nation.

Towards this end, we strive to achieve the following :

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